Just starting something new.

What feels like ages ago I used to write regularly on a GitHub blog which I have since taken down. It had technical write-ups and my journey through OSCP. I checked and the site for the analyst playbook is still there you can go and check out the analyst-playbook

Why I wanted to get back into writing is a bit of a mixed bag really. I go through waves of motivation where I have all of these projects that I want to do and usually I just don’t follow them through. At the moment I find myself inbetween jobs (one is lined up I just find myself with some extra time) so I made myself a list on my last day of work that I wanted to start and it only consists of four things:
1. Game a lot, mostly Final Fantasy XIV.
2. Start reading Extreme Privacy: What it takes to Disappear by Michael Bazzell.
3. Take a mini holiday and visit friends (I will see you soon Perth).
4. Start a blog. 
So here we are the very first post of my new blog. I only had to spend 2 hours configuring the Contact page to send me emails because maybe I’m now getting too old for technology. However, now at least to can send me suggestions or hate mail or if you want to come and check out memes then come and join the Hardly Adequate discord, suitable for cyber, memes, and gaming. 

I would love to hear if you’re similar in creating lists of things to do and what is on them, even if you never get around to doing them.

1 thought on “Just starting something new.”

  1. I am the Queen of Grand Plans & Never Following Through. My problem is always execution — fitting things in around other things. I somehow always seem to think I can fit everything in that matters enough. I have tried time boxing, day batching, and other “hacks” but the problem is, my ADHD brain lacks filters and so everything is equally important… which means that if client work is on my mind while I’m trying to do non-client work, I won’t be doing either one. Sometimes I have to “clear the decks” in order to focus; other times I just consciously decide to put things on hold. Not very easy at all.

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